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Continuity of changes in the business environment generates a constant sense of crisis, which leads to a reduction in the space for potential mistakes in strategic decisions that can be fatal for the growth and development of the company.

To make the right business decisions, the management of every successful company must have accurate and valid information not only from its system but also from the macro environment and from the direct competition with which it shares part of the “market cake”.

If information is lacking, late or inadequate, then management risks multiplied and the possibility of wrong moves is drastically increased, which is a nightmare for capital owners and an unacceptable scenario.

Our service, Business – intelligence activity in this segment includes:

  • Competitive reconnaissance and assessment of market trends.
  • Identifying competitive goals and strategies.
  • Market expansion risk analysis and recommendations for new business locations.
  • Transformations and data processing into the final product of intelligence activities.
  • Business intelligence BI.
  • Assessment of the impact of legislation, population habits and local risks on new investments and products.
  • Market research.

Business espionage as a modern danger highly ranked in all risk assessments of multinational companies and the forms of its manifestation change daily, and the most sensitive places are IT and communication systems, electronic and written communication, insider attacks and subversive activities of management.

Unfortunately, in our climate, unlike advanced countries, the outflow of important data and information still not considered a fundamental problem, and the damage caused by these incidents superficially analyzed without a systematic response to the threat.

Absolut Support conducts security analyzes of the current state of your business system and provides expert reports on whether you are the target of cyber-attacks or industrial espionage, where outflows of data on your customers, employees, business offers, and strategies recorded. Also, after determining the situation, we are ready to give the best proposals, recommendations, and solutions for the purpose of operational and tactical protection of key points of the system, strengthening your defense mechanisms and raising the security culture.