A company that wants to maintain its market position and increase competitiveness must inevitably be in the status of continuous learning, creating new knowledge and adopting modern business tools, because if it is satisfied with the current situation and relies only on using existing performance, success will be unattainable.

The step that precedes the changes is training, and employee training is the survival technique of the organization.

Our trainings are:

  • Continuous investment in employees and security of the organization.
  • Improving the business climate, organizational culture and overcoming crisis situations.
  • Introduction of corporate security as a function of management.
  • Raising the company’s image and rating.

Absolut Support is a regional leader in organizing external, in-house, and combined trainings, seminars, and trainings in the field of corporate security and we are proud to offer you a full repertoire of topics we cover from the segment of property and business security, and we highlight the following:

  • Corporate security, concept, and significance.
  • System security management of enterprises.
  • Introduction of corporate security as a function of management.
  • Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property, and business.
  • Professional training for licensing of physical security officers.
  • Professional training for licensing of technical security officers.
  • Management of ZOP reports and obligations of fire protection experts.
  • Occupational safety and health – preparation of professional exam.
  • Competition risks, monitoring, and evaluation methods.
  • Security assessments of the business environment.
  • Security of financial institutions and insurance companies.
  • Security of shopping malls and retail chains.
  • Industrial safety and risks in production processes.
  • Corporate security and human resources.
  • Prevention of retail losses.
  • Sales techniques in the private security industry.
  • Business intelligence techniques in corporate security.
  • Investigative and detective activity.
  • Anti-corruption program, models, and practices.
  • IT system security, security models, solution selection and implementation.
  • Security culture in schools and educational institutions.
  • Incident Management / Best Practice / Best Practice.
  • Assessment of vulnerability to natural disasters, accidents, and other catastrophes.
  • Emergency protection and rescue plans.

For a complete list and for a SWOT analysis based on which we jointly decide on the model and topics for your training, please contact us.