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An idea is the seed of a business, and an investment is its materialization. For the seed to thrive and grow into a successful organism, it is necessary to provide adequate conditions for growth and development and protect it from all risks such as investment risk, threats, and negative impacts. Therefore, risk assessment is not only a crucial factor but a prerequisite for investing, and thus the first step on the path to success of any company.

If you have decided to take a new business step that requires financial investments, you are aware that you are entering an investment risk that can bring you profit, but also loss. The outcome of each investment depends on the quality of the risk assessment because the space from the idea to the realization is a path of challenge on which one should walk safely and stably.

Absolut Support is a dependable partner who will make sure that the field of risk in front of you is as painless as possible on the road to the fruits of success.

We perform security assessments of new business positions and potential markets, perform business performance projections in new locations and compile a complex report that always proves to be crucial in making important strategic investment decisions.

We are ready to provide complete support in the field of security of your investment and offer:

  • Business risk assessments and legal compliance for investment projects.
  • Collection and validation of business and other documents.
  • Preparation of tender documentation for the execution of works.
  • Supervision, evaluation, and control of project implementation (periodic reporting).
  • Mediation in relations with potential clients, associates, clients, and partners.
  • Security checks of legal and natural persons involved in the process.
  • Legal analysis of relations with service providers and monitoring of contract implementation.
  • Real estate management and the complete segment of security and safety (Security & Safety & Facility service).
  • Cost control / Benefit analysis and definition of loss prevention programs.
  • Business Continuity Plan – Development of BCM / BCP Incident and Emergency Response Plans.
  • Business intelligence / market scanning, competition monitoring.
  • Introduction of corporate security as a management function.