Security assessment

Security assessments represent a detailed and comprehensive analysis of security in the company or organization, with recommendations and instructions to control and eliminate the risk assessed. The security assessments result in a security elaborate containing identification of hazards and sources of aggravation, with a plan of risk treatment ought to be realized by intern services and sectors, but also partner companies rendering services of physical and technical protection, information security and security of persons, assets and business operations in the widest possible sense.

Our expert team will start developing a security elaborate, using all modern means, methodology and examples of good practice, which serves to define a new concept of security system which should become regular practice within the organization and be accepted by the management.

As its unique product in the market, ”Absolut Support” offers a service of introducing corporate security as a management function. By this, we enable an efficient and optimal system implementation, such as corporate security, into the organizational structure.

Our specialties are:

  • Security management
  • Defining procedures and politics of corporate security
  • Physical security system design
  • Technical system protection design (CCTV – Access control – Alarm – Fire reporting)
  • Security components integration into unique software platform
  • Threat analysis and risk assessment
  • IT Security
  • BCM – Business Continuity Management
  • Education and training of employees to react in emergency situations
  • Incident management

Custom-made security

You can very easily obtain complete support and a ”best practice” solution in the area of security by activating our service ”Custom-Made Security Officer”, which also represents a professional, objective, rational and secure tool to build an efficient system of your protection.

”Absolut Support”, made up by a multidisciplinary team, represents a reliable partner in combat against all business challenges, because it will take over all your organizational and legal needs in the domain of security, risk management, information protection, harmonization check, and all complementary preventive activities aimed towards preserving your interests and competitiveness.

The essence and aim of shifting powers and authorities in the domain of security and protection to ”Absolut Support” is not only a relief in the sense of organization and realization of professional tasks, but also transparent saving, because financial costs are eliminated, for the internally employed, office space, car, phone, supplies, education and trainings, operative and ”hidden” costs, holidays, sick leaves, time for introduction to work, manager replacements, and the like.

By engaging ”Absolute Support”, small and medium companies, without a developed sector of corporate security, can have the complete function of security management, while big systems gain a professional associate for improvement of security through relevant analyses, quality assessments and procedures, business information, professional education and other quality and verified solutions.

You can also be one of successful organizations which efficiently meet all the requirements in the area of corporate security by using our partner service and obtaining high quality comprehensive solutions without expensive human resources and technical investments.

Crisis management

Crisis management is the process by which an organization protects itself from certain upcoming changes which threaten its survival and vital interests. Each crisis has three basic common elements, which are:

  1. Threat to organization;
  2. Element of surprise;
  3. Short decision-making period.

Unlike risk management, which means assessment of potential threats and finding best solutions to eliminate or circumvent the hazards, in crisis management the organization had already met the given threat and must have answers to all phases of its realization, the recovery phase included.

Successfulness of a company in dealing with different events depends on the quality of its team for crisis management, equally as on collection and information security analysis well performed.

”Absolut Support” specializes in offering you adequate support in all emergency situations and periods of crisis when your organization demands radical changes, new solutions and quick reaction with the aim to adjust itself to the newly created circumstances.

The ability of leadership, stability of character and resolution are skills necessary for a manager who wishes to manage a crisis. However, it is not enough for an organization to have only one manager capable and trained to deal with crisis and emergency situations, but to have a formed and verified team characterized by high organizational performances and ability to work under high pressure. Also, it is necessary for all potential team members to be tested in a crisis simulation, for the purpose of assessing their reactions in unforeseen circumstances and selecting officers who can apply measures of crisis management.

Change of approach to crisis by companies requires permanent dedication of management to this issue and we, as a reliable partner, can offer you support in the following segments:

  • Introduction of crisis management as function into an organization;
  • Forming a crisis management team;
  • Identification of potential crisis and threats;
  • Development of a crisis plan and accompanying procedures;
  • Education and training / simulation of an emergency situation;
  • Crisis communication and PR;
  • Damage assessment and control, with recovery measures.

Business – intelligence activities

The continuity of business environment is generated by a constant feeling of crisis, which results in reduced space for potential mistakes in making strategic decisions, which can be harmful for company growth and development.

In order to make right business decisions, each company’s management must possess accurate and valid information, not only coming from its own system, but also from macro environment and from direct competition with which it shares a small part of the ”market cake”.

Should information lack, are late or inadequate, management risks multiply and the possibility to make wrong moves increases drastically, which is a nightmare for capital owners and presents an unacceptable scenario.

Our service, business-intelligence activities, includes the following:

  • Competition scouting and market movement assessment;
  • Identification of competitive aims and strategies;
  • Market spreading risk analysis and recommendations for new business locations;
  • Transformations and data processing into final product of intelligence activity;
  • Business intelligence;
  • Assessment of legislation influence, population habits and local risks for new investments and products;
  • Market research.

Business espionage, as modern hazard, is highly ranked in all risk assessments of multinational companies and forms of its expression are changed on a daily basis, the most vulnerable points being IT and communication systems, electronic and written communication, insider attacks and subversive activities of part of management.

Unfortunately, in our surroundings, unlike some more advanced countries, outflow of important information is still not considered a serious problem, and the damage resulting from such incidents is analyzed superficially and without any systemic response to the threat actualized.