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You can easily get complete managerial support and best practice solutions in the field of corporate security through our professional engagement, which is also a dependable, practical, and secure tool for building an effective system of protection of your business.

Absolut Support, which consists of a multidisciplinary professional team, is a dependable partner in the fight against all business challenges because it will take on all your organizational and legal needs in the field of security, risk management, security planning, IT protection, compliance, and all accompanying preventive engagements. in the direction of preserving your values ​​and interests.

We are ready to jointly look at the internal and external environment of your organization, and then through SWOT analysis assess the resources at your disposal, organizational structure, work procedures, competition, and then begin drafting a contract defining the transfer of risk and responsibility in the corporate security segment from your management of our expert team.

The essence and goal of transferring competencies from the field of security and protection to Absolut Support is not only a relief for you in terms of organization and implementation of professional work but also transparent savings because it eliminates financial expenses for internal employees, office space, car, telephone, consumables, education and training, operational and “hidden” costs, vacations, sick leave, time for induction, replacement of managers and the like.

The concept of outsource security managers at the global level is gaining increased confirmation of success because the company’s management increasingly recognizes it as its own benefit and activities conducted directly by highly specialized agencies and professional consultants with relevant experience and adequate expertise.

The quality and reliability of the service you get by our engagement as your manager and security supervisor is significantly higher than the internal setting or improvisation because the solutions we offer have been applied, improved, and confirmed in practice, and the transfer of risk is remarkably interesting errors and inconsistencies move from your management to the “yard” of the partner.

Quality management of the company’s security policy is not possible without an experienced manager who proactively identifies and analyzes risks, then methodologically assesses them and in relation to the obtained results defines a strategy for their treatment to minimize and eliminate them. This complete process generates the formation of a set of security procedures, protocols, and instructions so that the organization is ready to respond and eliminate potential threats and challenges.

By engaging Absolut Support, small and medium enterprises that do not have a developed corporate security sector achieve the full function of security management, while large systems get a professional associate to improve security through relevant analysis, quality assessments and procedures, business intelligence, personal data protection, professional education and other services in the security and protection segment.

Our service – “Security Manager” includes the following package of activities:

  • Consulting – consulting in the field of security management.
  • Introduction of corporate security as a function of management in the organization.
  • Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property, and business (standard – SRPS A.L2.003).
  • Security plan and technical protection plan (standard – SRPS A.L2.003-05)
  • Development of security infrastructure and creation of procedures in accordance with work processes and applicable legislation.
  • Crisis management and emergency management – emergency procedures.
  • BCM & BCP – Business continuity management – development of business continuity plans.
  • Information security – drafting an act on the security of ICT systems.
  • Compliance with the GDPR regulation or the law on personal data protection.
  • Control over the implementation of contracts between outsource services and partners in the field of security, protection, and maintenance (Security, Safety & Facility Services).
  • Internal control system for Fire Protection and Occupational Safety and Health (HSE service).
  • Loss prevention program.
  • Business intelligence activity – competition analysis.
  • Security checks of legal entities and individuals – Creditworthiness.
  • Technical protection system design – CCTV software integration – Alarm – Access control – Fire alarm.
  • Advocacy and mediation in security and protection processes.

Be one of the successful organizations that efficiently implements all requirements in the field of corporate security using our partner service and obtaining quality ready-made solutions without expensive human and technical investments.

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