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Mladen Raonić

"Your safety in safe hands"

Guided by the idea of integrating expertise in security, business analysis, management and risk management into an efficient tool that will enable more successful business of our clients, we formed the ABSOLUT SUPPORT agency in 2011, unique in its offer and advanced business solutions.

The cooperation of experienced professionals who have many successfully implemented projects behind them, has led to the formation of a multi-disciplinary team capable of providing the broadest organizational support and implementing strategic and operational activities aimed at protecting your interests.

We are here to detect risks, assess and treat them to eliminate them, and then build a security system that proactively protects the organization from all negative influences, both external and internal, which is the primary condition for the development of any business system.

Risks are often inadequately managed and there are losses for the company, and repairing the consequences requires significantly more resources than preventive action through the implementation of security policies and procedures.

We specialize in risk assessment in the protection of persons, property, and business, conducting intelligence activities and all forms of security checks, managing crisis situations, developing business continuity plans and implementing the GDPR information security strategy.

We also provide legal advice and harmonization of companies according to the legal provisions governing private security, emergencies, fire protection, personal data protection and we are ready to meet the most delicate customer requirements with our business platform.

Absolut Support has solutions to prevent losses and prevent abuse, obtain quality business information, thoroughly build security and protection of your property, create a safe working environment, and give our customers the opportunity to make the right business decisions based on our expert analysis and reports.

Our head office is located in Belgrade, and we have the capacity to respond with our specialized teams to the requirements of clients in the entire Balkan region in full compliance with current legislation governing these areas.

We approach each new task and project studiously and with special attention, and the basic measure of our success is the level of satisfaction of our partners and clients.

Values ​​by which we are recognizable:

  • Reliability and trust is the basis on which we build every relationship;
  • Courage is the quality of those who change the world.
  • Incomparability is a testament to market excellence that makes us the absolute leader.
  • Innovation is the art of change, our inspiration and favorite discipline.
  • Integrity is a quality woven into everything we do and create.
  • Security is the feeling we spread and the vision of the future we strive for.
  • Knowledge because we learn and create together.

Taking care of you is the basis of our business and the foundation of our success.