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Ensuring business continuity, i.e., business continuity management – BCM is one of the primary tasks of any management, and at the same time a condition of market competitiveness and survival of the company. The company must be aware of all the risks that can stop the business and timely prescribe procedures and work instructions that allow to maintain vital business functions that are necessary for the system to maintain active status and continue to communicate with the market.

If a company has only one critical point in its information systems from where business support takes place, the cancellation of that site can cause the entire system to shut down, which is a major security threat, often neglected due to cost-cutting priorities or insufficient awareness of possible negative consequences.

Therefore, the security standard in IT as well as the basic advice for companies is the formation of a backup point / position / site where to back up both data and functions and where in case of an incident, natural disasters, such as fire, flood, earthquakes, or large-scale chemical incidents, could recover business functions from a backup data center.

Successful and responsible companies have more backup locations, but one is required to start building BCM (Business Continuity Management) at all.

Absolut Support specializes in business continuity management plans. It is a document that consists of procedures to ensure the smooth and continuous functioning of all important processes and systems. An integral part of this plan is the business plan in case of unforeseen events, which determines the technical and organizational measures for the re-establishment of business, as soon as possible, or to mitigate the consequences of business interruptions.

The goal of the Business Continuity Plan is to provide practical advice for employees and management to react in case of unforeseen events and to reduce the time needed to make decisions regarding ensuring business continuity and establishing normal business as soon as possible.

The business continuity plan is applied in the primary location, the secondary location and the entire organization, as well as in the – Disaster Recovery location (backup location).

The plan for ensuring business continuity is based on the analysis of business processes in the organization, so that it clearly determines which events can cause an emergency and business disruptions, and which can partially or completely disable the business process. 

Events that can disrupt business in any way classified into three basic groups:

  • Events that depend on external factors / suppliers.
  • Events that may occur in the conduct of day-to-day business processes.
  • Unforeseen events that may occur due to natural disasters, accidents, fires, emergencies declared by the state and technical – technological accidents.

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