Modern business operation demands have led to evident changes in the very essence of the way companies, institutions, agencies, schools, sports facilities, courts, non-governmental sector and other public and private entities function, which has made them very susceptible and vulnerable when it comes to security.

Adequate and efficient protection has become priority and is an inevitable segment of their operations, so it is necessary to establish a quality and comprehensive security system capable to diminish and eliminate potential risks, and at the same time to be flexible and procedurally simple for employees and clients.

Security systems and security solutions implemented in business operations, as well as security procedures and their implementation, cause obsolete instructions, which are transferred from one generation to another, to be improved significantly and thus evidently improve security systems in each organization.

”Absolut Support” puts at your disposal the complete palette of security and consulting services, taking into account specificities and particular requests of each single subject, legislation and nature of all business activities going on in different economic systems.

We are prepared to realize for you the complete process of security system building, from planning, defining project tasks, development of risk assessment and technical protection projects, to choosing the partner for physical and technical security to implementation quality control and harmonization with contractual obligations.

By hiring us, you exclude the need for internal engagement of a professional person i.e. forming your own security department, which costs much more and is a more demanding solution from the one offered by our team.

Our approach to building a security system is a ”turnkey” project and comprises the following activities:

  • Security system planning;
  • Project task defining;
  • Development of technical documents and conducting a tender process;
  • Checking solvency of a partner and contract drafting;
  • Checking quality and harmonization;
  • Internal control and audit.